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Atomic Data for N
 Property     Value 
  Atomic Number:   7
  Atomic Mass:   14.007
  Density (gm / cm^3):   0.001251
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X-ray absorption edges for N
  Edge     Energy (eV)     Width (eV)   Fluorescence Yield   Edge Jump
    K   409.9   0.116   0.00310   17.440
    L1   37.3   0.290   0.00000   1.000
    L2   17.5   0.006   0.00000   1.000
    L3   17.5   0.006   0.00000   1.000
X-ray fluorescence lines for N
  Line     Energy (eV)     Intensity
    Ka1 (K - L3 )   392.4   0.66572
    Ka2 (K - L2 )   392.4   0.33419
    Ka3 (K - L1 )   372.6   0.00009